get to know fifth harmony [insp]




Olivia Benson, the most influential woman of my early adulthood, telling you what’s up.

idk i tried to scroll past this but it’s too perfect

if you don’t love benson you’re wrong

Ally Brooke - Greensboro 08/29 (Live on Tour)


’what if’ also guides our work at Joyful Heart

So I stand here and I thank you for inspiring me to be the best muse that I can be for her (Amaya), a force of good personified as her mom, thank you for this honour and thank you to my awesome, awesome husband who I love.

@DinahJane97: Volleyball in heels imagine that 💭

@DinahJane97: Volleyball in heels imagine that 💭


Normani explaining their after party experiences.

camila mocking dinah’s vma speech

We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller. We say to girls, ‘You can have ambition, but not too much. You should aim to be successful, but not too successful. Otherwise you will threaten the man.’ Because I am female, I am expected to aspire to marriage. I am expected to make my life choices always keeping in mind that marriage is the most important. Now marriage can be a source of joy and love and mutual support. But why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage and we don’t teach boys the same? We raise girls to see each other as competitors – not for jobs or for accomplishments, which I think can be a good thing, but for the attention of men. We teach girls that they cannot be sexual beings in the way that boys are.(x)